Homeschooling is scary sometimes!

I have a 14-year-old again. I’ve already raised two children to adulthood. Both went to public school all their lives, as did my husband and I, and he and I are both the offspring of teachers. Homeschooling was not in our blood. We’re trailblazers in our families. (Or black sheep, however you want to look at it.)

We’re on our seventh year of homeschooling, but this is my first time homeschooling high school and I’m a little trembly.

Whenever something is new, it’s usually scary, what with all the unknowns. We were new homeschoolers once, and that was scary. Now, it’s old hat. Except for this high school stuff.

Time for this mama to put on her cape and remember that she’s “Courageous Jane.” Knowledge and advice from those in the trenches and those who’ve gone before are great tools for conquering fear. Let’s do this together. Whether you’re just starting out or are experienced, have kids of any age – preschool, middle school, or high school – we’ll pull up our big girl panties and arm ourselves with information that will help us to accomplish the monumental task of educating our children. Grab your shields, Ladies, and let’s venture forth!


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