New Series Starts Today

Did you know that I’ve worked at three different libraries in my life? My first real job in high school was as a page in the Children’s area of the Birchard Public Library in Fremont, Ohio. When I went off to college, I worked the circulation desk at the Shafer Library on the University of Findlay campus. And now, as a full-fledged adult with some grown children, some still growing, and a granddaughter, I’ve been employed at the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library in Findlay, Ohio for several years. I started out as a part-time assistant in the Children’s Department, then assumed the position of “Sub.” I’m trained to work the reference desks in Children’s, Media Services, Adult’s, and I love working in circulation! I fill in as needed in any of these departments when extra help is needed or to cover absences. Let’s close this by saying that I’m well-versed in “library” and that I heart books!

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Today begins a NEW WEEKLY SERIES I’m starting! (I’m so excited! I love books so much!) Every Friday, I’ll be posting a new book recommendation that will enhance your homeschooling journey in one way or another. Maybe it will be a book just for mom’s reading pleasure, or for a certain age range, or regarding a particular subject. Whatever the book, I hope that knowing my background will give you confidence in my choices.

My first recommendation choice is two-fold. I choose to share this book 1) because it can be super-helpful to homeschoolers who love using stories and literature as a base for their curriculum, and 2) because the sales of this book help support a homeschooling adoptive family! You know that has to be expensive and I love supporting their efforts!

Please allow me to recommend …

Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time by Jamie C. Martin (afflink)

I had the privilege of listening to Jamie Martin at a homeschool convention once and I just loved her so much! She’s a quiet, gentle woman with the biggest heart of compassion! She didn’t try to “sell” us on anything when she spoke. She simply shared her heart for homeschooling and her family and we were able to take what we needed from her speech. Let’s work together to support this homeschooling-mom-slash-author AND our own homeschooling and parenting efforts by purchasing this book!

This is an amazing one-stop resource covering geography, history, and literature that you can use for up to 8 YEARS! It lists over 600 stories for children ages 4 – 12. The reading lists are organized by region, country, and age range. Each book listed includes a brief description, its themes, and any content of which parents should be aware.

By clicking through the above link to Amazon, you can read a longer description of the book, and an excerpt. Also, by using my affiliate link above, you also help support ME. Not by much, trust me! A few pennies here and there are kicked back to me so I can buy more coffee, so I can continue to think clearly enough to write this blog. If you find this blog helpful, informative, and sometimes funny, it would be good to keep me caffeinated! 😉

Please let me know in the comments what you think of this book! 



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