Welcome! I’m Jane Hassan, aka Courageous Jane, aka The Essential Educator.

Me and my funny man
Me and my funny man

I’m a homeschooling mom, and part-time public library employee, who has done battle with fear and come out alive, thus the title: Courageous Jane! I love to encourage others to not listen to the voice of fear, but instead find the confidence within themselves to make brave choices.

I also love to window shop on Amazon and other online retailers because I live out in the beautiful countryside of Ohio – for one – and for another, because I have some physical limitations that sometimes keep me home. I will often share what I find and what I buy if I think others can benefit from me sharing it. For some of the products I link to, I’ll get a small kickback which I always hope will be enough over the course of a year to pay for my website domain ($18 … I’m not raking in millions, people!). Not everything will benefit me that way, though, because sometimes I just share because it’s a really good thing!

Thanks for visiting, and if you’re looking for homeschooling advice, please contact me through my Facebook page … Courageous Jane Homeschools. I’m always ready to help.

P.S. The Essential Educator name comes from the fact that I’m also an essential oils enthusiast, and after researching them, I found myself teaching essential oil classes at our local public library, and eventually started a home-based business through doTERRA. If you’re looking for a place to purchase these oils and oil-enhanced wellness products, you may visit my website anytime: The Essential Educator’s doTERRA Page. Thank you for visiting!


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